Landlord Law

Landlord & Tenant Law

Landlord Law

Whether you are considering renting and want someone to review the lease agreement, are currently renting property and trying to protect your tenant rights, or are a landlord seeking the eviction of a tenant we can help through the process.

We can help you win an eviction lawsuit, steer clear of liability, and collect or return a security deposit. Whether you are a landlord drawing up a lease or a renter trying to get back your security deposit, we can assist in cases of all types, especially those involving illegal discrimination, property damage, or bankruptcy.

Why hire a Landlord or tenant attorney?

Landlord tenant law concerns landlord and tenants’ rights and responsibilities. Because the space you rent is your own personal space, the law places many limits on landlords’ activities. For example, if a landlord tries to make you move without giving you enough notice, or ignores an issue, we understand the options you have as a tenant. On the other hand, we can assist landlords who have tenants breaking rules, such as moving out three months early or refusing to pay rent. Tenant eviction laws are very specific, with different rules in each city. If you are being evicted or if you have a tenant you want to evict, we can help you find a resolution.